that inspiration flying in, omen-like ..........'' breathe me in, shape me, sing me in and sing me out,'' ........

.......... it all begins in mid-teens, with poetry in full production ......... then an inspiring music teacher shows me I also can put words to music .... I doubt she ever knew that, but anyway ..........

beyond teenage angst words become tools for change, songs get to a wider audience than poetry........ Sibelius, Genesis, The Bothy Band: music sparking pictures sparking words - playing in three media at once ........ words still first love, but song-writing pushes ahead .....

countless scribblings and forgotten melodies later, I listen ever more intently for that inspiration flying in omen- like........... 'breathe me in, shape me, sing me in and sing me out'.

mass-media music consumption is fine, but it's not for me , I'm really not the one to sing those classic party songs ................ a stubborn, visionary, singleminded impulse keeps me writing these songs which I only allow out if they truly capture that omen ........ they can take years, require endless energy and patience .........

countless songs by others which I deeply love .... the fabulous variety revealed by global fusion inspires and educates ........... these colours seep in, and then over time seep out again ............ into the music ...........

my hope is that you enjoy them too.



Discography below lets you sample recordings made so far, but to find out more about live performances, please follow the link here to an article about the highly acclaimed 'Sitting Room Sessions' performances. "...that was magical, pretty close to paradise..."

These, as well as festivals and other smallscale gigs, provide a context for the more reflective material. For the more upbeat 6-piece folkrock headlining band material, click on the album cover:



All the songs which you hear as mp3s on these pages can be snapped up on CD by clicking on the 'Add to cart' button. However Firegazing, Honour and Tomorrows Ancestor can also be heard and bought as digital downloads by clicking here, which will take you to the band camp website.

In reverse chronological order. Click on the album titles for track listing, mp3 player and further info:




The latest release, five years in the making, of songs brought by the many personalities who might be gathered round the fire: 12 lyrical songs of omen, observation, loss, inspiration, travel and valediction, brought vividly to life in the singing of Brian Boothby and the superb playing of Chris Ellis, Adam Summerhayes and Dave Sturt.



A sampler in honour of my lifelong collaboration with the great guitarist, keyboard-player and singer-songwriter Chris Ellis ............. A particularly inspiring twin guitars/twin voices set played at Gaunts House Summer Gathering in 2006, recorded later in Chris's attic studio in Norwich............. featuring material from Firegazing, Compostela, Firefolk and Tomorrows Ancestor. A kind of 'Best of....'

"......... congratulations on a superb piece of work, extremely atmospheric and evocative of the things worth having in this world ......."


Full Moon

'Roots with shoots', someone aptly put it ....... the 5-track 1999 EP with the band Tomorrows Ancestor, (see below), with Anna Brookes on fiddle, Ben Daglish on flute and whistles, Deb Rose and John Thorne on percussion and Dave Sturt on fretless bass.
Hybrid traditional/Boothby/band material. Contains some of the current live material.

"....... if I only get off duty for one act this year, yours will be the one ........."


Tomorrows Ancestor

My first release on CD, two years before the formation of the band of the same name. Confused? Released in 1994, with Chris Ellis on guitar, bass and percussion, myself, Fin Clarence and Sandy Cunningham on vocals, Nick Parker on fiddle, Michael Taylor on percussion and samples, and the late Howard Salt on melodeon. I still love this work ......
we had a great time ............ ten of mine, one by Johnny Clegg.

"..... an outstanding album......."


Tree Spirit

Released in 1992 on cassette, as a fundraiser for the Tree Spirit charity, who are still planting trees and raising awareness of deforestation and other environmental issues. One half traditional and contemporary songs and tunes, the other half global woodland wildlife sounds accompanying work as varied as a Britten oboe piece and a Walter de la Mare poem. All profits go to Tree Spirit.


Concerning The Waves

A very varied early collection in many styles: some songs with guitar, some traditional, some original; some instrumentals on brass-strung Celtic Harp, some pioneering fusions. First released on cassette in 1989, now available in digital format.