As well as playing music, one of the ways of getting out there as an artist in any media, is to either join or organise an arts project. I have had the good fortune recently to be connected with the following, mostly focussing on the connection between creativity and the land:

Collaborations over the last ten years:

Genius Loci
Creswell Crags Timeline
Tomorrows Ancestor
Danu Fox
Chris Ellis
Celeste Lovick
Caitlin and Sika
Loscoe State Opera
Dave Sturt
St John's Street Theatre
Earth Pathways Diary


Genius Loci

Genius Loci is a multimedia group of creative artists, whose work expresses a spirit of place.

Genius Loci works with natural sites which have channelled humanity but which remain relatively unchanged themselves.

As much as is possible at this stage in history, we focus not on the heritage of the man-made environment, but go in pilgrimage to the older stories of the land at caves, springs, passes, fords etc, where the human tale takes its place among the many chapters of timeless wilderness.

For much more detailed information on Genius Loci please go to where you can see slideshows, listen to sound bites and watch a short film from the arts project at Creswell Crags.

Genius Loci still exists as an idea and a group of very talented artists. However, in the current funding climate, we are individually keeping ourselves busy and afloat with other work. Any interest in reviving and refunding Genius Loci would be greeted with open arms.